Thursday, July 31, 2008 could paint in Auckland or Wellington now - Max Gimblett

Auckland, NZ

Kim Hill
Did you always know you had to go to New York? Was that your ultimate destination? Why?

Max Gimblett
It was the crossroads…having come from New Zealand & started painting late in life I had to get as quickly as possible to the crossroads of information about painting & the paintings in museums because you can’t learn about painting in books, you have to actually see the paintings & then you have to try & copy them…you have to try to do them & fail & gradually trial & error move towards your own utterance…so I had to be in New York. We’re talking the 60’s -
you wouldn’t have to be to be in New York now - you could paint in Auckland or Wellington now. I think.

Audio from Saturday 24 May 2008 – Transcribed from interview with Kim Hill, Radio NZ
Max Gimblett: Painting in NYC

Wellington, NZ

I have recently visited both Auckland & Wellington. It was good to walk around the cities alone & have time to think about what I was seeing.