Friday, August 31, 2007

Be Still & Remember

Extending Silence (IV): Be Still & Remember
Dec 2005
Mixed media on canvas

Extending Silence (I -VIII)

Extending Silence (I -VIII)
Precious Little Exhibition 2005
South Canterbury Club


Casey Klahn said...


Ed Maskevich said...

The Catholics have a meditative prayer tradition called, "The Stations of The Cross." These make me think of that. Each painting (station), a point on a silent journey.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Casey. Thanks for being out there.

Hello Ed. I will do some research into the stations. Thanks for sharing your helps me to understand the works (if that makes any sense).

Casey Klahn said...

I plan a stations of the cross series. I am not wishing to "spam" your blog, so I'll leave it at that.
There is a protestant version (or two), and the weird (God at work, here) thing is that the venue opportunity has presented itself.