Saturday, October 13, 2007

Judge's Comments

Kakanui (III): When Jesus Called to Peter at Kakanui

October 2007
Mixed media on canvas

Last night I accepted a merit award for Kakanui (III) at the South Canterbury Arts Society 55th Annual Exhibition. The exhibition is being held at the Aigantighe Gallery, Timaru, Saturday 13 - Sunday 28 October 2007.

Successful aesthetic use of layering text & image to discuss artists ideas/concepts.
Leads the viewers eye about the composition
which is balanced & harmonious.
Kathryn Mitchell
Ashburton Public Art Gallery

The piece was an experimental one...I was a little apprehensive about exhibiting it (& still am). That's probably a good thing.

Timaru Herald article: Rookie sculptors work captures second prize


Casey Klahn said...

Well deserved and congrats!

Ed Maskevich said...

Congrats on the award, good looking work. "Go In Peace" is simply stunning.

San said...

"Kakanui" is psychologically and esthetically intriguing. You say it felt risky to accomplish. Congratulations twice--for taking the risk, then having it recognized!

I'm just getting to know your blog and look forward to seeing and reading more.

Moira Marshall said...

Congratulations Elizabeth! Well done - and well deserved!

Elizabeth Love said...

Casey...thank you for helping me to think about my creative process. May you be blessed.

Hi Ed. Thanks for continuing to look at the works. I'd love for you to see an actual piece one day.

Hi San. Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to write. Have a look back through the blog when you have time.

Hello Moira. I am unsure how art is able to be judged...especially without the verbal (etc) input of the artist.
Take care.

Philip said...

Your art continues to astound! Congratulations.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi, Philip...thanks for dropping by. I plan to explore this direction further.
I value your support.