Sunday, February 24, 2008

In Need of Purpose

My Soul Knoweth (VI)
Feb 2008
Mixed media on canvas

At risk youth in need of purpose
With a rise in youth offending hitting the headlines, many people who work with at risk youth in South Canterbury are in agreement that in most cases the young people committing the offences lack purpose...
High Country Herald article 20 Feb 2008


Mercer's Daughter said...

Hi, just happened upon your blog. I live in Ohio which is in the USA. We have problems with our youth too, many are aggressive offenders and have committed unspeakable crimes. It saddens me.
But, you are so right, they need a purpose. No one has taught them that they are sacred, so they have no idea of the value of life, nor respect of.
On a happier note, I love your art work and photos. It is amazing to see how another woman lives on the other side of the world!
I wish you great peace and all the best of blessings.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hello Victoria. Thanks for your message. I'm sure the arts can be used as a tool to help bring about change.
Many blessings.