Monday, June 2, 2008

Contributing Artists - Plunket Art Show 2008

Now I Lay me Down to Sleep (I) detail
Elizabeth Love
May 2008

Mixed media on canvas

Hamish Allan
Philip Beadle
Madeleine Child
Pia Davie
Lori Davis
Michelle Domett
Susan Edge
Clark Esplin
Steve Fitt & Tony Hopping
Andrew Firth
Steve Fullmer
Rachael Garland
Hope Gibbons
Fiona Goulding
Laura Gregory
Rachael Hirabayashi
Jan Harper
Paul Hughson
Katherine Kovacs
Vivian Keenan
Elizabeth Love
Cheryl Lucas & Chris Weaver
Kelvin McMillan
Jeanine Oxenius
Jane Pierce
Katherine Quinn
Elissa Ramsay
Ben Reid
Megan Ribotton
Wayne Ross
Tania Stevens
Jane Tootill
Jenufa Waiti
Ben Woollcombe


Walter Logeman said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I am posting about your work on my blog. Awarding you a "Brilliante Weblog" Premio 2008 award!

Love your work.

See my blog soon for details.

Walter Logeman said...


My ART blog is

Warm wishes,


Martha Marshall said...

Elizabeth, I know this is a belated comment, but wanted to say how much I love this painting.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi, Martha...I'd love you to see it for real. Quite a bit of my own painted papers used as collage. I can imagine you looking closely for some reason.

Thanks for thinking of my work when you were making awards, Walter! Take care.