Sunday, June 7, 2009

Question 1

Soft is the Heart of a Child (I)
Mar 2007

How did you get into art and what made you interested? (Did someone influence you?)

I’ve always enjoyed the process of making art. I remember the first drawing I did at school. It was of a bus. I didn’t have to catch a bus to school, because I just lived up the street, but perhaps I had been read stories about children catching buses to school! That is how my art works...I read a story or a poem, I listen to someone speaking, I see something...I think about it & the thoughts come out as symbolic images. In my studio I still have one of my childhood books: Mother Goose – A Collection of Nursery Rhymes by Brian Wildsmith. Sometimes I look at the colours for inspiration.

My mother especially influenced me when I was young. She worked as an embroiderer so always had lovely fabrics around & hung out with other ladies who also liked to create. We had art in our house – I liked looking at it, thinking that an actual person had made it. It’s the same way I look at art now – I look closely for the brush marks of the artist, I think about the materials that have been used...

My mother encouraged me with my art-making & took me to see exhibitions. I remember one exhibition in particular...the artist had made some large abstracts using a series of dots. I don't think I had seen work like that before. My mother didn't like them, but I sure did!

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