Monday, November 30, 2009

The Great South Canterbury Youth Art Expo 2009 - reflections

Several people have asked how the gr8 sth cantabury yth art expo 2k9 went. Overall it was such a worthwhile experience for those involved with most of the artworks selling.

Some of the art came from workshops held for youth who are currently out of mainstream education. Workshops were held from August - October 09 by Sandie Davies, Christeena MacDonald & myself.

Creating work together in a group, around a table, is always a special time.

Painting is an extension of man's means of communication.
As such, it's pure, difficult, and wonderful.
Sidney Nolan
Australian Painter, 1917-1992


lesly said...

Yes ... I agree completely ... painting with others is just so inspiring. It has got me going again after a long, quite dry spell, ... amazing how good it feels too! Held two pastel workshops this month which also were wonderful 'group' therapy too!


Elizabeth Love said...

Good to hear you are creating this way, Lesly. Keep it going! Much love. x