Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Super Size Me

Soft is the Heart of a Child (I) detail

Soft is the Heart of a Child (I)
Mar 2007
Mixed media on canvas

The more I look at these 'larger' pieces...the better they seem.


Kesha Bruce said...

My 2 cents:

I may be in the minority here, but I think bigger isn't always better. In fact usually it's not.

I think these pieces are lovely just the size they are. I can only imagine holding them in my hands and really enjoying them.

Making them mural sized would somehow diminish that intimate experience no?

Although it is cool to see them rescaled that way!

Ed Maskevich said...

WOW! I think they look great in the large super size. The color field painters of the 1960's and 70's made canvases so large that they engulfed your whole field of vision and you became part of the painting. The large waterliliy paintings by Monet are displayed at the MoMA in NYC that way.

Philip said...

I vote for the super size! There is nothing quite like working on a large scale painting - it is a real challenge making the adjustment and a great deal of hard work. But that is the fun of it. The largest paintings I do are 196cm x 130cm and they take an age to do but are well worth it. We have one on our lounge wall opposite the sofa and I just love having large scale as well as small scale works around me.

It is true that bigger doesn't always mean better but then smaller doesn't always mean better either. Some paintings are appropriate for a large scale canvas and others are appropriate for small scale. The important thing is having a feel for the right size canvas for the project you have in mind.

You are more than ready to tackle something quite huge in my opinion and I am sure you would thoroughly enjoy the experience. The experience will also help you with all your other work I am sure.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Kesha. I appreciate your thoughts...thanks for leaving a comment!
I have not worked larger than a metre square. Seeing the works rescaled has been helpful for some experimentation in the future.
As artists we are so privileged to handle work the way you suggest - in our hands. Not just our own pieces...that of friends as well.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Ed. I had read that about the colour field painters. I would like the viewer to get that engulfing feeling in a quilting-based piece.
...wouldn't mind standing near a large Motherwell work one day...maybe Reconciliation Elegy as seen on the following site

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Philip. Thanks so much for answering my e-mailed request for a comment.
One of the projects I have in mind would be mark-making with some very large brush-type tools...whole body type movements.

eg. Dale Chihuly, Denis Brown


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