Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Selection Process

Mother's Legacy (VII)
July 2007
Mixed media on canvas

The Edinburgh Realty Premier Art Awards 2007
Exhibition 4-19 August
Art Station Gallery
Dunedin Railway Station

Mother's Legacy (VII) detail

At last this piece is finished... It's taken a while but I am happy how it has turned out.
Artists will be notified of acceptance or rejection by 18th July 2007(!)

(Mother's Legacy (VII) was accepted for exhibition & sold on Opening Night.)


Moira Marshall said...

Good luck with the art awards !!
Love the work you are doing!
Cheers, Moira :-)

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks for that, Moira. I was not able to enter the Hamilton show, due to timing...hope it is being well received.

Lynzart said...

Hi, saw your piece at the opening of the Edinburgh's - it looks amazing! I only found your blog last week, so was really chuffed to then see one of your works "in person" so to speak, just a few days later.:) Cheers, Lyn

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Lyn. It's great when things like that happen!
I've heard that the piece sold...hope to hear who bought it. I'll miss it being around here.