Sunday, April 15, 2007

Visiting Mary

Mary's Window (VIII)
Aug 2006
Mixed media on canvas

Mary's Window (VIII) detail

This piece was purchased by a local pharmacist. He has it hanging at his workplace in the shop area. Sometimes I visit with scripts.

I usually find it a little weird when I see my work again. I know it's mine but I can't really believe it.


Philip said...

Tremendous work - as always!

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Philip. How do you feel when you see your own work again after a bit of time has gone by after being purchased?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how wonderful! I think it would be a great honor to have a piece in the care of someone who you know helps many others. I think that's just outstanding!
Your work is always great to me! He is very lucky to own your work and have it on display. :)

Elizabeth Love said...

Hello, Angela. It is always an honour when someone decides to purchase a piece of my work. Sometimes I hear why...& that is special.
Take care.

Philip said...

Difficult question. Sometimes I think the work could have been better and other times, I think it is better than I had remembered. Mixed feelings, I guess is the answer.