Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Blues

Heartland (I): Strata
Mar 2006
ixed media on canvas
Five pieces each 100x100x35mm, placed in an upright cross

Strata detail

I had forgotten about this series! This piece lives in Heartland NZ - Winton.

Today I have been reworking Mia...just adding a bit more blue...a lot more actually. The York Street Gallery is celebrating its first birthday tomorrow so I'm taking in a few extra works...reworked Mia will be one of them.


Anonymous said...

Great job Elizabeth! I love how the work is done of pieces like a puzzle. When put all together the puzzle is complete. The painting is complete. WONDERFUL!

Elizabeth Love said...

You must try it yourself if you haven't already, Angela.

Philip said...

Elizabeth - I am seriously running out of things to say about your work as everything you do is to my taste and is wonderful.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Philip...I would be interested to hear your heart's response to pieces as opposed to the designer in you commenting.
For example the piece you did battling the elements...visually I loved it with all the energy happening. It made me think that doing a bit of work outside would be most excellent fun. Not that I have as yet, but the idea seed has been planted!