Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hello, my friend, hello

Mother's Legacy (XVIII): Mia
March 2007
Mixed media on canvas

I went to the opening of the
Waimate Art Society's Annual Exhibition on Friday evening...316 entries in the catalogue - paintings, pottery, sculpture, fibre & photography. Fortunately I was able to find my would have been nice to have had it hanging at home for a while so I could just walk past it in a casual sort of a way. Pity it had to rush out the door to Waimate...
I talked about the work with Austen. He is always very encouraging.

I like observing how people move when talking about art...


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! In my first showing, it was great to see what questions people had.Example, How did you put that in there? What does that one mean? How moving is that!!! I love to find out others points of view on art as well. Bet you had loads of fun! :)

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi, Angela. I enjoy meeting other artists at this type of event.