Thursday, May 24, 2007

Use of the Image

Mother's Legacy (20)
March 2007
Mixed media on canvas

Taking photos of my work sometimes helps me to judge if the piece is finished. In this case I look at this image & think...I wonder what adding red to the line of pattern that runs through the middle of the work would look like? Sometimes I will use the computer to make the proposed changes. In the studio I will just lay a bit of coloured paper down.

So what will it be?


Moira Marshall said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks SO much for including me in your ''tagging'', that was lovely of you. I have enjoyed looking at your vibrant art on your blog. I have taken the liberty of adding you to my links list down the side of my blog so that others can see your work.
Best wishes and kind regards to you!
Cheers, Moira :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Elizabeth! :) I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Moira. I was hoping not to offend anyone by 'tagging'. Thanks for adding me to your links.
It's great to be in contact with another NZ artist. Take care.

Thanks for having a look, Angela. You are always so very supportive.

Moira Marshall said...

It was flattering to be chosen as a recipient of the tagging, and I do feel a bit bad that the chain seems to have stopped...sorry about that, I hope you don't mind.
Cheers, Moira :-)

Elizabeth Love said...

No worries, Moira. Nice to have made contact with you.