Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Series

What is the Chief End of Man?
May 2007
Mixed media on canvas


Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a wonderful piece! Can't wait to see your others. Your work is always outstanding. It's texture is usually right up there. Great work!

Philip said...

Superb painting!

Casey Klahn said...

To worship God, and enjoy him forever.

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks, Angela. I can't wait to see the others either!

Hi, Philip. I'm very interested in Abstract Expressionist work.

Casey...most excellent!

Katherine said...

This image has been nominated for my competition to find the best artwork completed and posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2007 - See
this post
on (Making A Mark December 17th) which identifies the link to this URL. You may find you get a few visitors!

Readers of my blog will be voting next week for the five nominations selected as finalists - to be posted on Monday on my blog, Making A Mark, along with a complete list of all images/blogs/artists nominated - plus small images of each nominated work.

Can I have permission to post the image on my blog on Monday please?

Merry Christmas

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks for asking, Katherine. That's fine.