Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Oil on canvas

This was my first oil painting...& my first painting on canvas. My friend, Timaru artist Christeena MacDonald, stretched some heavy canvas onto an old frame & said to go home & paint something. Up until then I had been working on paper with a focus on pointed-brush lettering. I remember enjoying the buttery oils & the wonderful smell...

I have never signed this piece to discourage myself from selling it.

This brings me to the reason for this post...
I have been tagged by American Artist,
Casey Klahn. Casey likens a tag to chain letters. It is a way for bloggers to increase links. Thanks to Casey I have had a lot of new visitors to my site. Welcome!

What I have to do is write 7 random facts/habits about me...what will I write?
1. My first oil painting, as pictured above etc, etc. Make that facts 1-3.
4. A (bad) habit...I do not remember to watch my vehicle temperature gauge when driving & that is why I no longer have a van to transport my larger paintings around in. A very recent happening.
5. I wear a lot of black.
6. My first career at 18 was with the NZ Army RNZDC as a dental assistant. I would like to make contact again with two of my Majors - at Papakura, Simon Holdgate; at Ohakea, Ross Murray. These two men were supportive of my art when I was in the military. Ross even made me take an aptitude test to make me see what he knew my strengths were. Simon commissioned a piece of work for his surgery in Waiouru.
7. More facts/habits may be obtained by writing directly to

Now I have to tag 7 others. Probably everyone has been tagged by now...yes...I was going to tag Tracey Helgeson but she has already written...

Confessions of a NZ Road Worker
I see this road worker has recently mentioned painting as yet another of his many workplace skills.
Teri Martin
Artist, calligrapher and designer.
Each day I get a quote e-mailed through from Teri. Check here to see my favourite piece of her work...a piece titled Dream.
Daniel Sroka

Fine art photographer. I enjoy looking at Daniel's work & also reading his thoughts...
Our culture holds onto a myth that artists need to be filled with grief, stress and turmoil in order to create great work. That work that made about depressing topics is “better” or more serious that work made by happy, well-adjusted artists. But I don’t buy it. DS

4 more links later...


Philip said...

Snap - I wear a lot of black!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I LOVE this piece! Lot's of words!!! WOOOOO Keeps a person looking to try to find new words. I LOVE IT!

Casey Klahn said...

My abstract art teacher started us by writing our name in cursive, then turning the paper on end, then upside down, then go bigger than the get the idea. This very pleasing work reminds of of that happy thought.
My strongest memory of our NZ Army allies was thinking, "how do they keep those socks up?"

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi, Philip. I like red shoes too!

Hello, Angela. Thanks for looking for the words!

Thanks for writing about your response to the painting, Casey.

teri said...

thanks for the "tag" Elizabeth! i'm hjust home from an extrememly successful business trip to NY. desperately catching up. i LoVe this "tag" idea and will do it myself... soon!

Daniel Sroka said...

Hi, thanks for tagging me as well. I usually just write for myself, so it's always a nice surprise to find out that others are reading it!

Elizabeth Love said...

Welcome Teri. I first came across your work as a member of cyberscribes. I look forward to reading your tags...I hope they are calligraphers!!!

Hi Daniel...I hesitated when I did this 'tagging' thing as I did not want to offend.
I really enjoy reading your writing & seeing what nature 'scraps' you have come across to photograph. As with a lot of blogs I check back often but do not usually leave comments. Keep it up, as you are not just writing for yourself!