Monday, March 5, 2007

Buying Art

Extending Silence (XII): Evensong
Sep 2006 / reworked Mar 2007
Mixed media on canvas
York Street Gallery

Evensong detail

Evensong detail

I was reading an article today in a 2004 copy of Australian Home Beautiful: What the best decorators are doing now.
15 Australian designers were asked the same series of questions. Two of them were...
With an unlimited budget where would you start spending?
With a tight budget, where would you splurge?

Seven of the designers mentioned buying art, with one saying that it's often the last thing people buy but is such an important part of an overall look. (Caroline Touzeau, Stockwell & Oxford, Melbourne)

...I think it gives a home its soul.


Ed Maskevich said...

Your comment on art giving a home its soul is right on the mark. Many years ago my youngest daughter commented that the houses of her friends seemed so cold. It was then that she really noticed that we had art all over our house and her friends had little or none. Even our early ancestors, the cave dwellers, had paintings on the walls.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful your work is! I do believe that art is bought by the people who can relate to it. To me, art that is hung in someone's house tells those that visit it what their personalities are like.

I am right there with ya!I think art gives a home it's soul as well.

leslyf said...

As you must've noticed when you visited here I still have not worked out where to hang some of the many paintings that we have. It takes a while to discover just the right spot, and I am not very good at it!

And this piece is just beautiful, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi, Ed. Lovely to have you here. Thanks for your comments...lots of thinking for me.

Hello, Angela. I enjoy looking at artwork in homes. This includes art that is stuck on fridges & pinned to noticeboards!

Lesly, Lesly, Lesly...I just thought you had a great little stockroom & were able to rotate your pieces!!!