Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Internet Helping Local Artists

The place-name Timaru, where I live,
may be translated "place of shelter".

Place of Shelter (I)
Nov 2006
Mixed media on canvas

Place of Shelter (II): Layered Memories
Nov 2006
Mixed media on canvas

My comments appear in the Community High Country Herald today, in an article written by Esther Ashby-Coventry, regarding the use of the internet by artists - Internet Helping Local Artists. I believe that the internet is becoming more & more important as a marketing tool for artists & I am grateful to sites such as Blogger for their role in this.

The article does not mention that galleries are also taking advantage of the internet for the same reason. The Gudsell Gallery, Timaru's newest dealer gallery, recently had its Grand Opening & is currently in the process of developing a website.


Anonymous said...

I love your new works! The interenet is wonderful for me. Seeing as how I can't get around and it probably helps many others who are even worse off then me but find art a means of communicating. I totally agree with you that the internet is helping artist's. :) Your use of texture in your works is amazing girl! *Hugs*

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi, Angela. The internet has certainly opened up different opportunities for many.
Take care.