Saturday, March 17, 2007


The Reflection Exhibition at the
South Canterbury Arts Society Centre is a very casual one. The Society is wanting to see members exhibit more regularly so has planned a few extra weekend shows for 2007.

Organisation for these is kept to a minimum eg. no exhibition programme - labels instead, just turn up a few days before with a list of your work & $5, no opening function...


Casey Klahn said...

The little girl has the right idea!
Your work is so great, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing! I wish that I lived there. I would be able to see it in person. Perhaps, have a show with your work and mine. Which would be a TOTAL HONOR!!!!!!

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Casey...glad I had my camera to capture her. My friend Maria suggested I draw on the floor in front of the work...she probably had a jump around when I left the building!

We have a great Arts Society here in South Canterbury, Angela. Do you belong to a supportive group?