Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finished Work for Waimate Art Society

Mother's Legacy (XVIII): Mia
March 2007
Mixed media on canvas

Mia detail

Mia detail

This piece was finished in the early hours of Friday morning. I like the piece very much...I see it hung in a child's bedroom. Unfortunately, as it was travelling to Waimate soon after, I was not able to wait to take photographs in the sunlight for my records.

The work is made from lots of hand-torn, collaged painted papers over a paint dripped & splashed surface. Modelling compound was also used initially.

(Note for Philip & Martha: a piece of my first monoprint appears in the second image - top LH square. Sorry no detailed image!)


Angela said...

Wonderful piece!!! It looks great!

I don't know about you but whenever I finish a painting it always feels like a huge accomplishment. :)Congradulations on this accomplishment my friend!

Elizabeth Love said...

Well, I did feel pretty tired after this one...due to no sleep.