Monday, January 8, 2007

Defining moment

The Quilting (XXIV): Crossing the River of Dreams
Nov 2006
Mixed media on canvas

I usually like to form my work using many layers. Parts of these are scraped away or painted in such a way to reveal remnants of what has gone before…a reference to the passing of time & with that the creation of memories.

In Crossing the River of Dreams a layer of tissue was laid initially & over-painted with red. On top of this texture a layer of script was added & the work began to emerge.

My lettering has been influenced by the jazz-writing of American lettering artist Eliza Schulte Holliday. I very much admired her work on the web when I first came across it in 1998.

The same year we moved from Auckland to Pleasant Point, near Timaru. I thought I'd never meet another calligrapher again. A strange thought, but I was in city withdrawal. It was very helpful having the internet to keep in contact with other calligraphers. I wrote to Eliza enquiring about tuition. She replied that she was taking a trip to NZ. By that stage we had moved out of Pleasant Point into the country at Waitohi. Eliza was to be staying in a homestay a few minutes drive away. She visited my rented farm cottage & we talked about lettering. I watched her make lettering marks...

A defining moment in my artistic journey.


Philip said...

Interesting work - very similar to the way I work sometimes. Love the colours too!

Philip said...

By the way I am curently working on a painting using dried sea weed. I have been working on it - on and off - for more than 3 years now. I love working with texture and will post the final result on my blog when it is (finally) finished. It will be a little while yet though!

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Philip. I would be interested to see a WIP image of your piece using seaweed.