Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mary's Window (IV)

Mary's Window (IV)
June 2006
Mixed media on canvas

Mary's Window (IV) detail


Into the Blystic said...

Hi there again! this piece is wonderful... love your colour sense! I actually gasped when I saw it! Thanks for the inspiration! namaste Elis

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I LOVE this one! The colors and texture in it is WONDERFUL! Just outstanding work! :)

Elizabeth Love said...

Hello Elis. How is it that images make us gasp?! I'd love you to see the actual piece.

Hi Angela. I was experimenting using acrylics like watercolours in places. (The Mary's Window series sort of painted itself.)

leslyf@gmail.com said...

this is just beautiful, Elizabeth.

[I keep wanting to call you Lizzie ... when I was little one of my aunts and some cousins nicknamed me 'Lizzie Dripping'. I think it was after a character in a children's book ... a naughty girl, of course!]

I am interested to see that you use acrylics like watercolours for glazing ... it is very effective in the right places, isn't it?

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Lesly. I enjoy working in acrylics as they are so immediate. I also work a little in oils but now am finding that I'm always trying to work out how I can get the same effects as acrylics.

I answer also to Lizzie!