Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Mother's Legacy (VI)
100x100x35mm canvas
Dec 2006
Acrylics, dressmaking pattern, shellac

This piece is going to Wellington to live. I find it hard to say goodbye to work I know I probably will never hold again...

To be able to continue creating as I am doing currently though I need to let my pieces go, & I understand that. They are then able to be a blessing for others. That's what I'm thinking as they get wrapped for their journey.


Ed Maskevich said...

I see letting go of my paintings the same way I see letting go of my childre, if I have done my job right they will go off and be able to live independant lives.

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks Ed. That's a good comparison for me.

Philip said...

I have the same problem with letting go of my paintings!

Elizabeth Love said...

I met a local Maori artist who explained how he blesses his work before it moves on.

I am similar. Sometimes I will give the work a kiss or a touch to acknowledge the work is leaving.