Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Using Paint-skins

Mary's Window (IX)
Aug 2006
Mixed media on canvas

Mary's Window (IX) detail

Lesly Finn has a blog post entitled "Painting with acrylics - some tips". It is very interesting to read how other artists work with these paints.

The above painting illustrates the use of paint-skins which are sometimes discarded after the main event. A collage using pieces of the dried paint from my palette has been laid over a textured, painted surface. I glazed over the collaged surface a little with Quinacridone Magenta to 'hold' all the colours together.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful work! The textures are outstanding! I LOVE IT! said...

Well you did it! ... didn't expect you to do one so quickly. This is super, Elizabeth.

As I commented on my post ... I shall never look at my discarded paint skins in the same way again! Although I am so mean with my paint that it would take several years to accrue enough to collage a postcard!

This is really lovely though ... the colours sing together.

P.S. Hope that you will visit Moments of Abstraction - my new website.

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks, Angela. Have a go yourself if you have never used them!

Hi Lesly. I've had a look at your new website. That will make you keep up those abstracts!