Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scattered Fragments series

Scattered Fragments (II) detail

Scattered Fragments (II)
Jan 2007
Mixed media on canvas
Triptych: each piece 100x100x35mm

Although this work has been created as a triptych, each piece is able to stand alone as an abstract mark. This enables the work to be symbolically 'scattered' among friends/family.

I used this idea in 2006 with a larger work divided between three sisters. Pieces went to Perth, Sydney, & Popotunoa.


Philip said...

I like these very much.

deb said...

Coming to you through Tracy Hegelson's blog and loving your work. The richness of the colors,so tasty and vibrant.
Wonderful stuff.

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks for taking the time to have a look, Philip.

Hi Deb...I appreciate you viewing my work & leaving a comment.
Tracy's site is such a great one to look around.
Some colour combinations together make me dance around my studio! Must be that vibrancy.