Friday, January 5, 2007

Red Gold

Red Gold (II)
Jan 2007
Mixed media on canvas
Re-worked: see post dated 11 Jan 2007

Red Gold (II) detail

This piece is part of a sub-series of one of my previous paintings Identifiable Marks (I): Red Gold, 2005.
References to Don Henley's song The Heart of the Matter & P
Tchaikovsky's carol Crown of Roses.

Red gold - very precious, symbolic.


Philip said...

I have just come across your work via Lesly Finn and I love it. I have bookmarked your blog and will be following your work.

Elizabeth Love said...

Thank you for leaving a comment in response to my work, Philip. I will take time to have a look at your blog.
Kindest regards.

Philip said...

There is definitely some similarity in our work! Tell me if you agree!

Elizabeth Love said...

I've had a look at a few of your pieces, Philip. I think currently my work is not as free-looking as yours. Others may like to comment.

For example, the image of your painting detail in the "The Eternal Student" post looks like where I am heading calligraphically. I hope to see the finished work.

Philip said...

Elizabeth - funny because I thought your work looked more free than mine!

We both seem to be interested in texture though and if you look back to my first month of blogging you will see a square red painting that is heavily textured. It was this that made me some similarities in our work and area of interest.

The detail photo that you mention is from a painting that I am still working on - it went horribly wrong and I had to start all over again. I am back on track now and will be finishing it soon (fingers crossed)

Elizabeth Love said...

Yes, I'm very interested in texture like yourself. I've just got out scraps from a time when I was focused on calligraphy. Have placed these on a canvas to use as a starting point.

I have noticed that people want to touch my work because of the layers.

Make sure you post an image of that work when it's finished! Thanks.