Monday, January 22, 2007

Mark Making

Kakanui (II): The Return
Apr 2006
Mixed media on canvas
Script on painting: Kakanui / ashes to be scattered to the four winds

The Return detail

"The marks I make now are the same marks I made as a child drawing with a pencil inside the covers of my books."
No mind/all mind (June 1984)
Max Gimblett

My circular mark in the top-centre is just a more controlled version of the more energetic mark at the lower-right.


Into the Blystic said...

Hi there... So glad to have found you through DailyPainters! I am enjoying looking at your work! Love this one especially! namaste Elis.

Elizabeth Love said...

Welcome, Elis. Thank you for your greeting. Isn't it wonderful how we are able to see others work this way. You use a wider range of materials than I do currently.

The painting you refer to depicts a place called Kakanui where I used to go a lot when I was growing up. You can't see it in the image but names of friends I spent time with there are scratched into the beach area. The work is named 'The Return' as Kakanui is where I would like my ashes to be scattered. The painting holds other messages but that is the main one.