Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Place of Shelter

Place of Shelter (II): Layered Memories
Nov 2006
Mixed media on canvas
Currently exhibited at the Torenhof, Christchurch

Layered Memories detail

The place-name Timaru, where I live, may be translated "place of shelter." Isn't that such a beautiful phrase?

The series title came about from an American woman who bought a piece of my art as a gift for her husband on their first wedding anniversary. They were married in New Zealand.

The piece was a little heart. She wrote & said
...I love its vibrant colors. I feel they show the different facets of our hearts. And I looked up Timaru and found out it means “place of shelter,” which is what his heart is for me...

I had been waiting for a title for a new body of work & knew that was to be it.

Oct 2006
Mixed media on canvas


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