Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rosslyn Gallery, Dunedin - Representation

Yesterday I took the following pieces down to the Rosslyn Gallery in Dunedin. This is an important step for me as I begin to move my work out from the Canterbury area.

I walk into the gallery & see...Colin Higgins & Maria Foley's work on the wall! They had been down the day before. We are all members of the South Canterbury Arts Society & exhibit a lot together. Already two of Colin's pieces have sold...I'm impressed! Yay for Colin!!!

To keep working full-time as an artist I need to sell work. Simple really. Other markets must be found or else it's back to administration work...& that troubles me.

Red Gold (III)
Jan 2007
Mixed media on canvas

Common Prayer (X): First Generation
Feb 2007
Mixed media on canvas

Extending Silence (XIV): Engrain
Nov 2006
Mixed media on canvas

The Quilting (XXI): In the Middle of the Night
Nov 2006
Mixed media on canvas
The Quilting (XXIX): Direction
Dec 2006
Mixed media on canvas, mounted on board


Angela said...

Wonderful works! I'm sure it is a bit nerve racking at first when you are going to show your work in a gallery.You know your work is great and I am glad to know that you are willing to share it with us! I do hope that you continue to for years to come! :)

Philip said...

Fabulous work.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Angela. I will let you know how they go!

Thanks, Philip...I'm hoping someone might think they are fabulous enough to take home!

leslyf said...

I am sure that someone will! Lots of someone's I shouldn't wonder.

Really lovely paintings, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Lesly. Thanks for having a look. Hope you might be able to see them in Dunedin if there is an opportunity.