Sunday, February 11, 2007

South Canterbury Wine & Food Festival

Red Gold (II)
Jan 2007
Mixed media on canvas

Hi to any new visitors to this blog as a result of the South Canterbury Wine & Food Festival held today! Thanks for taking the time to view my work.

It was interesting to exhibit alongside Henri Stein & watch the different ways people touched his wooden female-shaped sculptures. It's a pity paintings aren't generally viewed like that...I know that I'd be in first if it was OK!


Anonymous said...

OHHH How I wish I were there! Looks like great fun! I can only imagine being able to see your works in PERSON! Anyhoo, Great job!

leslyf said...

wish I could be there too ... maybe next year (did not even know it was on).

I will, will, WILL get to see your stuff in Timaru before winter!

I love it all.

Elizabeth Love said...

Maybe one day, Angela! Thanks for having a look.

Hi Lesly. There were some artists from out of town. It was a fun day being together in our little tents!
I'm driving through to Dunedin soon with work so I'll let you know when that will be. Looking forward to seeing your work too.