Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cadmium Orange

Mary's Window (VI)
June 2006
Mixed media on canvas

Painting has been hard today. I have been looking at images of older works to get over whatever it is. Maybe painting with cadmium orange might help.


Rebecca said...

Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving a note. Isn't is amazing how we can live so far apart, yet get to know each other? Your work is very beautiful. I can see why you enjoy what you do.

Sometimes we plateau, and need a little break so we can come back fresh. Take a day off and go do something fun. When I feel that way,looking at the art others and the Master's work gets my creative juices going again. Take a walk in a park ( brisk walk, for I'm sure it's freezing there), bring your camera. Something will inspire you.

Elizabeth Love said...

Welcome Rebecca. Thanks for your thoughts.

I went for a brisk walk early this week down in Wanaka! It's usually hot over this period but it was a bit chilly due to fresh snow on the distant peaks.

All will be well. I'm just learning a lesson on trust at the moment. The business side of my work seems as extreme & unpredictable as the weather here.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! It almost looks like a stain glass window! I LOVE IT! WONDERFUL JOB!

Elizabeth Love said...

Hello Angela. Others have also commented on the stained-glass look of this series. Take care.