Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Working Smarter Not Harder

The Quilting (XVIII): Covering
Feb 2006
Mixed media on canvas

Covering detail

Covering detail

Today I attended a business-related seminar run by Craig Rust, author of the book "Where's the Money."

Good systems (put in writing) bring freedom... That was the main point I took away.

A few years ago I read a very good procedure on how to make a cup of tea. It was so good that it made the newspapers! At the time I was working as a document controller so I pinned it to my wall & there it stayed until I left. It always made me smile when I read it!

As a result of the seminar with Craig I will begin to write my systems down. I will have checklists for myself. This will mean I won't have to remember so much in times of pre-exhibition madness especially.

I think we were made to work best with good systems in place.


Ed Maskevich said...

This has a wonderful feel of an inner furnace slowly bringing light and heat to the surface. The fire of passion ready to make itself known.

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks for your comment, Ed. I returned to the piece quite a bit before it was finished...a slow process.