Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Commissioned Artwork

My Soul Knoweth (II)

Oil on canvas

My Soul Knoweth (II) detail

My Soul Knoweth (II) detail

This piece was commissioned as a gift from a husband to his wife. He wanted a piece to embody her.

Working from words is the way I make pieces specifically for others...these are some of his words:
  • cups of tea in the morning (he brings her these)
  • hugs
  • the colour green
  • peace
  • home
  • "rugby mother"
  • sleep
  • Psalm 139
  • woman
  • lover
  • music
  • composer
  • mum
  • teacher
  • farmer
  • friend
  • performer
  • judge/critic/producer


Philip said...

This is really very nice Elizabeth!

Angela said...

How touching!!!! BEAUTIFUL WORK! I love the texture. I am a HUGE fan of texture! ALL around wonderful!

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks, Philip. I enjoy working in oils too.

Hi, Angela. I enjoyed working on the piece.
Have a look at the WIP - Red Gold post, 28 Feb. I've posted a couple of updated images of the finished piece FYI.