Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mother's Legacy series

Mother's Legacy (XIII)
100x100x35mm canvas
Feb 2007
Acrylics, dressmaking pattern, paint-skin pieces, shellac

Mother's Legacy (XIV)
100x100x35mm canvas
Feb 2007
Acrylics, dressmaking pattern,
paint-skin pieces, pins, shellac

While my mother worked with pins, my father worked with nails.


Ed Maskevich said...

Shellac, what a wonderful, earthy, and natural material. I use it myself to prep my surfaces. So nice to see you use it as part of the finished piece.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Ed. Shellac is as you say. I use a dark variety. It quite possibly is becoming a signature material for me.

How do you use it to prep surfaces? Would you be able to give me a link to an example? Thanks.

Does anyone else use shellac?

Angela said...

WOW! Great work! I love the feeling that it gives of freedom. Your work reminds me that we are all free to create! Thanks for that!AWW the freedom of creating!!!! KEEP it coming!

Ed Maskevich said...

Elizabeth, I use it as a first coat in sealing my hardwood panels and for sealing my paper before I gesso. I brush it on straight out of the can. If you use a hardboard panel, such as masonite, it prevents any oil from leeching through. For my work on paper it is great. The shellac seals the surface and being an alcohol based resin it doesn't cause the paper to cockle or warp. It also keeps the oil paint from penetrating the surface. I don't know of any links. I started using it when I was in high school.

Casey Klahn said...

Off topic. Thought I would say hi, and how much I am bonkers over your eclectic and abstract works.
If I get into this one gallery in Kirkland, I'll rabble rouse for you to the owner, as I know he'd like your work.
Lot's of "ifs", there.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Angela. Thanks for taking a look. We all create in different ways. We respond to the work of others. A while back I left a comment on Tracy Helgeson's blog about this. I included a quote from a letter of Michael Leunig's to Gyan (who took his poem-drawings and turned them into songs).

..."I'm completely enchanted, honoured and amazed by what you have done with my poems. I hear my own words afresh... mirrored back to me by an angel! This is a healing miracle. Bless you, thank you!"

We can encourage each other be free to create.

Elizabeth Love said...

Thanks for writing how you use shellac, Ed. I will have more of a play.

I meant links to pieces of your work!

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Casey. See how you go!! I hope you are successful with Kirkland.

A place I am wanting to exhibit (for symbolic reasons) is Belfast, Northern Ireland. My parents came to live in NZ when they were married. I was born a few years later.