Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Identifiable Marks

Identifiable Marks (VI): Countenance
Nov 2005
Mixed media on canvas

Countenance detail

The series Identifiable Marks looks at the individuals outward marks due to the inward life. Along our life’s journey we are evaluated through our conduct, our countenance, our direction of energy…who we are is inscribed within and has a habit of outworking. Sometimes marks we have and those we see in others are ones needing help to heal. We have the same red gold running through our veins, all are "fearfully and wonderfully created.”
We are kin…please forgive the obsession I have with my self.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding work! Very meaningful! :) I love it!

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Angela. Just as I layer my work, so each piece has layers of meaning.
Take care out there.