Sunday, February 4, 2007

Scattered Fragments - New Zealand, Ireland, England

Scattered Fragments (II) detail

Scattered Fragments (II)
Jan 2007
Mixed media on canvas
Triptych: each piece 100x100x35mm

Although this work has been created as a triptych, each piece is able to stand alone as an abstract mark. This enables the work to be symbolically 'scattered' among friends/family.

This piece (previously posted) has been 'scattered' amongst my mother (NZ), her sister (Ireland) & her brother (England).


Ed Maskevich said...

These have such a wonderful solid feel. I look at them and think of blocks of steel with the letters literally gouged into them. Very very nice.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Texture work! I love them!

Elizabeth Love said...

That's a lovely comment, Ed. Thanks.

Hi Angela. The texture here (aside from the paint) is tissue.