Saturday, February 3, 2007

"I love being a painter."

Mary's Window (II)
June 2006
Mixed media on canvas

Mary's Window (II) detail

Check out Ewan McDougall's work. It's no wonder he writes in his artist statement that he loves being a painter! Look at the colours he uses!


Angela said...

WONDERFUL WORK! Being a painter and having the ability to paint your emotions is a wonderful thing! You SHOULD be proud of it! GREAT JOB!

Ed Maskevich said...

You are so right, McDougal's work is SOOOOOOOOO much fun.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi Angela. Thanks. Make sure you check out Ewan's link. Take care.

Thanks for dropping by, Ed. If you lived here I'd tell you to go to the Ashburton Gallery to have a proper look!